Pauline Beaudemont




The French Academy Dictionary defines the “Pièce Montée” as a “large cake, erected so as to serve as ornament and often imitating architectural forms.” By using different but nevertheless comparable techniques of materials processing, of assembly and of construction, pastry offers a dreamlike and exuberant vision of architectural forms. Pauline Beaudemont’s art deals with this pastry eyes, moulding kugelhopfs, cakes and meringues in concrete to create totems that owe as much to Vatel than Le Brun, to Pierre Hermé than Le Corbusier, to Willy Wonka than the Doric order. The artist also made a habit of getting into modernist buildings. She haunts with her dreams, her images and her actions that modernity that obsesses us. Through her interventions, she reveals -in the photographic sense- a buried subconscious - perhaps a “hidden truth” in the words of Susan Sontag. By overlapping mental images whispered by the context, on symbolic places, the artist transforms the architecture into a projection surface, both of herself and her fantasized doubles. She reactivates the utopian nature of the monument, but according to the distorting mirror of multiple layers of representation, being specific to the artist herself, from the cinema, or from the collective imagination. A kind of supernatural acts through the process of transforming material. There is a miracle to watch egg whites being beaten, as there is to reveal an image in the darkroom. In return, there is some waste in the process. Utopia is pure ideal creation. As soon as it’s being exposed to reality, it deteriorates. The free movement of the mind is weighted by technical heaviness. This mechanism of enchantment and disenchantment is at the heart of Pauline Beaudemont’s work, which literally seeks to highlight mental strata, phantasmagorical screens and narratives that are inserted between idea and its materialization and between reality and its representation. From this game on apparition and retinal persistence spring, we suspected, the spectra, the ghosts and other lost souls that the first photography enthusiasts were looking to capture through the daguerreotype.

Press Office Magazine 2017



Pauline Beaudemont is born in Paris, France

(lives and works in Paris)


ECAL in Lausanne


HEAD in Genève


New Heads Fondation BNP-Paribas Art Award


Residency Fieldwork – Marfa, Texas


Atelier du FCAC-Genève, Berlin


Studio Roma – Instituto Svizzero di Roma, Rome


Mountain School of Art, Los Angeles

Art Award Prix Irène Reymond


Residency SoArt, Millstättersee, Austria


Residency Gleis 70, Zurich

Selected Solo Shows


SHAM – Jahn und Jahn (Showroom), Munich


Predicament Escape – La Plage, Paris


Macchia Aperta – Jahn und Jahn, Munich


Stick To Me Fantasy (with Vanessa Safavi) – curated by Tobi Maier, Sao Paulo

Caravan – Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aargau


Salon des Réalités Nouvelles – Xippas Art Contemporain, Geneva


L’Age d’Or – SALTS, Basel

2m2 – Curated by Simon Lamunière and Christian Pirker, Geneva


Gogo Papier (with Guillaume Dénervaux) – MJ Gallery, Geneva

The First and the Last Folding (with Martin Soto Climent) – Curated von Julia Marchand, Swiss Church, London

Selected Group Shows


La photographie à l'épreuve de l'abstraction – Frac Normandie Roue, Rouen

(POSTPONED) CANONS – Galerie Derouillon, Paris

Your Friends & Neighbours – High Art Gallery, Paris


STREIK! (Strike) – Grob Gallery, Geneva

Swiss Art Awards (nomination), Messe Basel, Basel

Restaurant Artemis Fontana (a project by Pauline Beaudemont) – Grand Café Bar, Basel


40+10+1 – Jahn und Jahn, Munich

The way you read a book is different to how I tell you a story – Jahn und Jahn, Munich

Out of the box – Galerie Papier Gras, Geneva


Tender Comrades – curated by Pauline Beaudemont, Studioli, Rome

New Heads Fondation – BNP Paribas Art Awards 5 years anniversary, Live In Your Head, Geneva

Young Popes – Latvian Institute Rome, Rome

I SCREAM YOU SCREAM WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM – curated by Clelia Collantonio, Fondazione Baruchello, Rome


Finite Turn – Galerie Jahn Baaderstraße, Munich

Mirrors – curated by Elise Lammer, Duve Gallery, Berlin

Bourses Déliées – Halle Nord, Geneva

A pudding that endless screw agglomerates – curated by Eva Wilson, Polish Institute, Berlin


Courtesy of Salts – Salts, Basel

Cluster – Sonnenstube, Lugano

Reverence and Reproach – screening, TATE Britain, London

Alpina Huus – curated by Elise Lammer and Denis Pernet, Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin


Bourses de la ville de Genève – Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva

Salon – Hard Hat, curated by Denis Pernet, Geneva

MJ – Les Urbaines, Lausanne

Storefront for Art & Architecture – curated by Sandra Teitge, Minneapolis

Plattform 14 – ewz-Unterwerk Selnau, Zurich

Kunsthalle Basel – curated by Adam Szymczyk and Fabian Schoeneich, Art Genève, Geneva

Tout Arrive – curated by Sylvain Menetrey, Exo, Paris

Le Corbusier Foundation’s Grant for Artistic Creation, Chandigarh, India


Kunsthalle Roveredo – curated by Elise Lammer, MJ Gallery, Geneva

L’Entrepreneur – curated by Laurent Kropf, Crystal Palace, Bordeaux

C’est moi qui choisis / New Heads – curated by Marc Olivier Whaler, Live In Your Head, Geneva

Electric Fields – organised by Mai-Thu Perret, Live In Your Head, Geneva

The Mediterranean Dog – curated by Elise Lammer, Cole Gallery, London

Bold Tendencies – PAMI, Hanna Barry’s project space London