Barry Le Va



I draw most of the time.
I draw where ever I am.
I draw to be alone with myself.
I draw to discover and clarify my thoughts.
I draw to concentrate on my thoughts.
I draw to visualise my thoughts.
I draw to construct upon my thoughts.
I draw to convince myself some thoughts are worth persuing.
All my drawings are thoughts about sculpture.

An accumulation of my thoughts into drawings become journals. For me, they are less self consicious and more honest than written diaries.

Ninety-nine percent of the time I draw from the vantage point of looking down upon three-dimensional space or a specific space (plan views). This enables me to get a very clear sense of the sculpture (elements, proportions, shapes, locations, placements, distances, etc.) with in a space.

I think spatially and draw diagrammatically. Drawings are more like architectural floor plans or maps. They function similar to visual score, and can be enlarged or expanded upon with out changing the basic content. They are only possibilitie, and not absolutes.

Small drawings and sketches are direct and intimate, with out strategies, with out an audience. Some are good ideas, some are not so good, but they are not edited. They are the core of my sculptural thoughts and allow me to visualize ideas and scale with in a space with out moving beyond handwriting distance.

Medium to large drawings are decision making drawings, and call for decisions with in three areas:
1. the sculpture,
2. the drawing,
3. combining them together.
More physical in presentation and process, large drawings not only allow me to visualize the sculpture, but to experience ist presence.

No matter what size I make a drawing it is never so precious that it can not be changed. I staple, cut out, tape, glue and combine drawings. Since they are about sculpture, I use these methods to jar my sensibility, and to superimpose or combine one sculpturak concern with another; to destroy the expected and the familiar, to keep the sculptural thoughts on a state of flux or transition.

Each period of sculpture determines my choices and investigations of how to make a drawing: materials, medium, size, shape, procedure, etc. For example, if I am trying to visualize multiple locations and arrangements of three or four different elements with in a space, and there are a number of possible locations and arrangements of these, these problems determine the choices. The size and shape of the paper will be the specific space for the sculpture, the elements will be translated into shape, proportion, and scale to that piece of paper by stencils and/or cut outs. I will move and mark these arrangements and locations of the elements, and when finding the one that solves the problem it is filled in (stencil) or glued down (cut out). This allows me to concentrate on the sculpture and ist relations in the space with out having to think about the drawing.

I use each period of sculpture to change the way I make and the way I think about drawing.
Each sculptural period presents new problems.
Each sculptural period presents new problems in drawing.

Text by Barry Le Va: Notes by the Artisit, In: Barry Le Va. Zeichnungen 1965–1993, Staatliche Graphische Sammlung München / Städtisches Museum Leverkusen, Schloß Morsbroich, 1994



Barry Le Va is born in Long Beach, California

(lives and works in New York City)


Studies of Mathematics and Architecture at California State University, Long Beach


Studies at Los Angeles College of Art & Design


Studies at Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles County


Instructor Minneapolis College of Art & Design


Young Talent Grant des Los Angeles County Museum


Professorship for Advanced Sculpture at Princeton University, New Jersey


Grant of the John Simon Guggenheim Memomorial Foundation


National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship


Hugo Boss Prize, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York

Selected Solo Shows


Barry Le Va – Dia:Beacon, New York


Barry Le Va. Munich-Africa 1992–1995 – Galerie Fred Jahn, Munich


Barry Le Va. Network – David Nolan Gallery, New York


Barry Le Va – Galerie Fred Jahn, Munich

Akira Ikeda Gallery, Berlin


Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo


Silent Readings – David Nolan Gallery, New York

Barry Le Va. Large Scale Collages 1985–1991 – Marc Selwyn Fine Art, Los Angeles, California

Barry Le Va. Early Installations – Sonnabend Gallery, New York


The Floor Show. Gravity and Materials – Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills

Barry Le Va. The Italian Project. Monica in Grey, Grey and Black – Sonnabend Gallery, New York

Barry Le Va. 3 drawings, 1974 – The National Exemplar Gallery, New York


Ink on Paper, Cut and Glued to Ink on Paper. 1983–1988 – David Nolan Gallery, New York

Barry Le Va – Marc Selwyn Fine Art, Los Angeles


Sculptures and Drawings. 1966–2008 (Part 1) – Nolan Judin, Berlin

Barry Le Va. Hands, Handles, Blades: Cleaver Configurations 1969–2009 – Mary Boone Gallery, New York

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Voltage – David Nolan Gallery, New York

Dwight Hackett Projects, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Double Join – Metropol Kunstraum, Munich (cat.)


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Accumulated Vision – Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia


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Selected Group Shows


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Works on Paper – Danese, New York


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Bill Jensen, Barry Le Va, Pat Steir New Work – Danese, New York

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